Wifi3 x (Scotts OG x Casper OG)

PCS1 was bred with the intent to bring an OG dominant profile, vigor, and improved structure to a variety of elite clone-only hybrids. PCS1 crosses exemplify those traits to the fullest. You can expect superior lateral branching and internodal spacing which leads to improved overall structure and yields. In our opinion, OG is king, and PCS1 is cannabis royalty.


Chem4 x PCS1

Chem4 is known for it’s incredibly unique flavor profile. Coupling that with a shorter, more well structured PCS1 led us to PCS2. Also known as Mintaka in house, this stud brings unique terpene profiles to every cross. Generally the flower times of these crosses will reach full potential at 9-10 weeks of flower and have a more mild-moderate stretch.

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